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Bleaching the skin is one of the most traditional ways to brighten dark spots and even out the skin tone. Instead of spending hundreds of thousand bucks on expensive dermatologist visits and temporary/permanent laser treatments, one can always opt for Bleach.

For skin care, bleaching is one of most used routines used by millions of people around the world. Bleaching services for the skin are categorized as Bleach for Face, Neck, Full Back, Full Hands, Half Back, Half Hands and Full Body Bleach.

This in-house service will help jump start the skin lightening process by getting the skin 1-4 shades lighter.

Areas might lighten all over or in certain areas results vary person to person.

However it is really important to also purchase the home care system to see amazing results in 2-6 weeks.

We do not guarantee the amount of results that may be achieved since each individuals body shows different results. Proceed at your own discretion.

Popular Bleaching & Service

The Siwss salon provide the best Popular Full Body Bleaching Service

Bleaching Full & Hands

There are several factors that can cause darker skin on the hands and feet, including dirt, medications, environmental and chemical factors, infections, inflammation, and exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. Several beauty and cosmetics companies make skin lightening treatments, which can often be found in drug stores or pharmacies. However, there are also numerous foods that can be applied topically to help lighten the skin, so you don’t have to go any farther than your kitchen to find the ingredients for skin lightening remedies. It’s important to remember, though, that the best way to keep your skin healthy and radiant is by eating a healthy and balanced diet, exercising regularly, leading a healthy lifestyle, and taking care of your skin.

Apply foods containing lactic acid. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, which is a group of acids naturally occurring in certain foods. These acids remove the top layer of dead skin, and are often used in commercial skin care treatments to alleviate dry, scaly, or darkened skin. Only use lactic acid products at night, as it can make your skin even more susceptible to UV damage.
1. Apply a thin layer of plain yogurt to your hands and feet before bed. Leave the yogurt on for five to 10 minutes, and rinse with warm water. Repeat a couple times per week.
2. Remember that even if you do this, you will still need to wear SPF 15 or higher sunscreen during the day to prevent sun damage.

Bleaching full Hands

Natural Alternatives To & Bleach

Natural alternatives to Bleach

Saffron: Take a few strands of saffron and add them to warm milk. Let it stand for a couple of hours. Apply it on your skin using a cotton wool. This is said to lighten your skin over a period of time.

Turmeric and yoghurt: Make a thick paste using turmeric and yoghurt, keep it on for half an hour and wash it off with cold water.

Besan: Remember when you were young how your grandmother would apply besan on your body to reduce hair growth? Well a thick besan pack ensures that your hair growth is visibly reduced over a period of time and you attain a smooth, clear complexion.

Tomato: This is a natural bleaching ingredient. Cut a tomato into half and rub it on your face on an everyday basis. Keep it for sometime and wash it off. Your skin will become lighter.

Full Body & Bleach

The Body Care's Herbal Bleach Cream is a uniquely formulated product to lighten the colour of your facial hair to match your skin tone. It gives a lustrous glow to the skin for that perfect look.

Additional Information: The brand Body Care introduces some of the finest and most effective skin, body and personal care products that are made from using pure natural ingredients and are quite effective in results.
The brand is renowned for their consistent high quality, affordable products that are created using a unique combination of science and technology.

Bleaching services are gentle and skin friendly and is a fast and effective method to de-tan. It is also an easy and painless way to battle the dullness of the skin brought by pollution and UV rays.

Bleaching brings in the added glow and makes you feel fresh and fair. Our bleaching services are done by professional aesthetician, which does not change skin texture or cause harm to the skin.

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