Engagement Ceremony

Indian Marriages are said to involve maximum rituals, traditions and vibrancy otherwise absent in any other marriages around the globe. Marriages are said to be the binding of two hearts rather than anything else, in which two people comes together, chosen by the families mostly, except for love marriages, and solemnly pledge to share every sorrow and joy with one another. The Engagement Ceremony is one of the Pre Wedding Ceremony in which the couple exchanges rings with each other. Therefore it is also known as the Ring Ceremony.

The most vital social event in Indian custom, marriage is based on the early Vedic Concept in which union of two souls and bodies make for a supreme union. The main wedding is elaborate and continue for at least 5 days.. There are numerous Pre Wedding Ceremonies held before the wedding. Engagement Ceremony is one of them.

The theme of engagement is perhaps influenced from the Western Concept. Some say that the wedding ceremonies take a deeper impact only after the advent of the British in India. But Wedding Ceremonies have been of primary importance to the Punjabis, Marathis and few inhabitants of South Indian states as well. But later on the ceremonious Engagement opened its door to the other Indians as well.

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Engagement & Rings

Selecting the rings, one of the most important phases of engagement preparations, is usually carried out by couples, either alone or together with both mothers. The selection should be made carefully, since both pairs of engagement rings will be worn as wedding rings for a lifetime. A ring model should be chosen that can be especially liked by the men. Otherwise, you should be aware that men who do not like the ring model or who do not like wearing rings may not wear it for a long time.

If you like simplicity, you can choose to stay away from extravagant models. But because the brides-to-be usually prefer more fashionable and eye-catching models, men usually have to adapt to this situation. With the couples’ mutual decision, you may also search for custom-made products or the design of your dreams.

Engagement Rings

Engagement & Preparations

Engagement Preparations

After the ceremony for asking for the girl’s hand goes through smoothly, the preparations for the engagement are accelerated. There are several details to take into consideration for the engagement. Among these are items such as; the engagement tray, the engagement rings, indoor or outdoor ceremony, the engagement dress, the invitation list, the gifts to be handed out, the invitations, the hairdresser, the photographer, engagement shoes and engagement party cards.

You can work on all of these preparations yourself, but you can also enjoy the preparation period with the help of an event company.

Engagement & Treats

Certainly engagement treats, one of the most significant engagement preparations, can be prepared with a variety of options. If you are thinking about celebrating at home, setting the menu is entirely up to you. But if you are planning to organize it in a place like a hotel, a cafe or a restaurant, you have to choose between menus that the place will offer you. If you choose to host your engagement ceremony in a venue, you definitely have to ask the people in charge, how and where the meal is prepared, its freshness and even have a tasting beforehand.

At the engagement ceremony you will organize at home, you can place the food as an open buffet and therefore save yourself from the trouble of service. Thus, you do not have to worry about what your guests will eat. Generally you should include light and snack foods in your menu. You should not cook stew-like or too oily dishes to avoid any possible incidents. If you wish you may include in your menu, light dishes such as; appetizers, rolls, cold cuts, pastry, desserts or canapés.

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