Hair Care Treatment

Hair Care & Treatment

Hair Care Treatment

Hair and scalp health is very important in order to maintain hair hygiene and quality. A number of factors are responsible for hair loss and damage. They include- environmental issues like pollution and changing weather, genes, illness, too much chemical use and poor blood circulation to the scalp. Excessive stress and fast lifestyle can also result in hair fall and bad hair quality.

Today, there are a number of hair care treatments that are easily available to individuals. These treatment plans are carefully designed so that they effectively restore hair health and add shine as well as volume to damaged and dying hair. Moreover, these treatments improve scalp health as well.

Hair care treatments are generally holistic and include diet changes as well as the use of supplements and hair care products to ensure quality hair.

Popular Hair Care & Treatment

The Siwss salon provide the best Popular Hair Care Treatment.

Egg & Treatment

Egg yolk is filled with nutrients making it incredibly beneficial to you. Here are some amazing ways that it can benefit your hair. Using an egg yolk for hair care can lead to some great results and the best part is that these results show themselves fairly quickly. There are many different ways to use all that eggy goodness to make your locks look lovelie

1. Egg yolks are the round, yellow portion of the egg. The yolk contains several components that could enrich the hair.

2. Some natural beauty proponents claim that applying egg yolks to the hair can stimulate hair growth. They contend the yolks stimulate the scalp and nourish the hair roots.

3. Egg is rich in proteins, vitamins and fatty acids, which are all essential for a good hair health. Hence, it is actually good to apply egg on hair regularly!

4. One of the key elements of egg yolks is the protein they contain, which may be nourishing and shine promoting. The yolk is also high in fat, which is why it can enhance hair softness. Egg yolk contains 26.54 g of fat per 100 g

Egg Treatment

Cleanliness is & Important

Cleanliness important

Just like skin the cleanliness of hair is also very important. Although our whole body is covered with hair but our head has long and dense hair. These hairs have their roots inside the pores of the skin. Therefore, when the waste material comes out of the skin while sweating the hair also get dirty.

The hair also gets dirty by sun-light, filth, micro-organisms and hair-oil. This dirt creates lice in the hair. The lice suck blood from the skin of the head and consequently there are wounds on the head through which the diseases causing bacteria’s occur.

It creates itching. These lice spread impetigo and relapsing fever, and cause lymphatic glands to expand. If the lice remain in the hair for long, they breed horribly. Therefore quick measures must be taken to get rid of them.

Make your & conditioner

Using a good conditioner is always a priority for women with dry hair. Without conditioner, our lives would be a mess. The uncontrollable frizz, unneeded texture, and unwanted breakage are all things we really want to do without.

Conditioning helps smooth the hair shaft and keep it hydrated, which makes your hair soft, controls frizz, and gets rid of tangles.

For a protein packed conditioner, mix eggs and yogurt and rub it into your scalp. Leave on for five or 10 minutes, and then wash it off completely.

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