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Whether you're in the mood to try out the latest hair color trend or dyeing your hair is already a permanent fixture in your hair journey,

it's important to know about the different types of hair color—including permanent hair color and semi-permanent hair color—and how they each interact with your locks.

Not all hair color is created equal, and each type serves a different purpose. Understanding the eight different types of hair color will allow you to make the right choice and feel confident in your new beauty look—whether you plan on keeping it permanently or not.Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know to determine which type of hair color is best for you.

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Hair coloring, or hair dyeing, is the practice of changing the hair color

Edgy Hair & Colors

Feel a need for change? There’s no better way to give your beauty look a revamp than with a new hair color. And while you can’t go wrong with a classic hue like chocolate brown or honey blonde, why not use your mane makeover as an excuse to step out of your comfort zone with an edgy hair color? If you want locks with attitude, look no future than the ten edgy hair colors we think you should try.

1. RUBY RED The first color that comes to mind when you think edgy? We’d guess red. There’s just something about a bright, bold red hue that demands to be seen. Color your hair a ruby red hue and you'll be able to plunge head-first into the edgy hair color trend.

2. BLACKBERRY Eggplant isn’t the only purple hue that’s edgy. Blackberry hair, one of the latest hair color trends, will give you some serious rocker chick vibes. The color consists of dark,

2. COPPERA metal-inspired hair color? It doesn’t get much edgier than that. Copper hair takes auburn to a whole new level with a bold, bright twist. This is a great idea for those who want to dabble in the realm of edgy hair colors without veering too far out of their comfort zone.

Edgy Hair Colors

Balayage vs. Foilayage

Balayage Foilayage

One of the easiest ways to switch up your hair color is to weave hair highlights throughout your mane. Think about it: you don’t have to deal with the commitment that comes with a full head of new color and the maintenance can be a bit easier, too.

1. Foil highlights Foils are used to create traditional highlights throughout your mane. After each strand is coated in bleach, it’s then wrapped in a sheet of foil. This process helps to separate each highlight for a more uniform look and speeds up the lightening process by trapping heat.

2. Foilayage as you may have been able to guess by now, is a combination of foils and balayage. The process, which is also sometimes spelled as foilyage, involves your colorist hand painting highlights throughout your mane before wrapping each in a sheet of foil. This combines the natural look of balayage with the sped-up process of foils.

Highlight Colors for Black Hair

If you’ve convinced yourself that you (and your hair) aren’t cut out for highlights, it’s time to revisit the idea. Whether you want to add depth or simply perk up your hair color without diving into a full-on dye job, black hair highlights are the perfect solution for switching up your look.

Looking for natural-looking highlighted strands? Or are bright pops of color more your bag? There are a myriad of highlight options for you to choose from if you have black or dark brown hair.

Keep in mind that adding highlights to black hair can be quite a dramatic hair color change and your best bet may be to visit a professional colorist as the process often requires bleaching and multiple sessions to achieve your desired look.

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