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Head massages are a great way to relax, as they can help release the tension of the day. When giving a head massage, start with a few basics to relax the person, such as applying wet heat, adding oil, and detangling the person's hair. Then you can move on to massaging the person's head. If you're on your own, you can even use some techniques to massage your own head. You'll feel the stress just melt away, so you'll be happy and relaxed.

Head massage is a type of therapy that relaxes your body and mind by improving the flow of energy by massaging the head, neck and shoulders. This helps flush out stress related hormones from the body and improving the mood.

What to expect: A head massage therapy is a seated massage where the massage therapist works on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face and can be applied over the clothes or directly on to the skin using oil. The massage therapist will use gentle movements and light pressure with fingertips which will simulate the nerves within your scalp and forehead that provide relaxation and positive effects to your mind and entire body.

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Relaxing the & Person

1. Wash your hands: It's best to start with clean hands when providing a massage to someone. Scrub your hands in soap and warm water. You should spend at least 20 seconds washing your hands.

2. Start with some wet heat: Wet heat can help the person relax. You can have them take a bath, for instance. Another option is dampening a towel and heating it up in the microwave until it's warm. Wrap the person's head in it for 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Detangle the hair: It can help to run a brush through the person's hair first so that you aren't catching your fingers on tangles. However, you can also just use your fingers to work through any big tangles before you start the massage.
If you hit a tangle later, don't try to pull it out, as you'll jolt the person out of their relaxed state.

4. Add oil: Most kitchen oils will work for this purpose, as will massage oils. You can use avocado, coconut, almond, or mustard oil, to name a few. Begin on the sides. Massage the oil into the scalp with your fingers and thumbs, moving up to the top of the head. Make sure you get both the front and back of the head, as well.
Warm the oil up in your hands first, and start with a small amount. You can always add more.

Relaxing Person

Performing a Basic & Massage

Performing Basic Massage

1. Go slowly: When massaging the person's head, try to go in slow, gentle strokes. Slow strokes generally feel better than fast movements. Also, slow movements tend to be much more relaxing than faster movements.
For this type of massage, it's fine for the person to be sitting up or lying down.

2. Work in small circles: Using your fingertips, make light circular motions across the person's head. Move from back to front and then front to back. You can go over the head a couple of times with this motion.

3. Massage the neck: With one hand, cup the person's neck. Gently rub the neck with the thumb on one side and the other fingers on the opposite side. Move up and down the neck. Try to move the skin as you massage instead of rubbing on top of the skin.
* You can also use this motion at the base of the head where the hair begins.
* If you're massaging yourself, use your thumbs at the base of your head. With one thumb on each side of your head, use circular motions to massage the base of your head. You carry a lot of tension here, so some slow massaging can help.

4. Massage the head with the heels of your palms: Run your hands under the hair near the temples. You can use this technique on another person, but it works just as well doing it on yourself. The heels of your palms should end up over the temples. Apply light pressure, and push upward for a few seconds. You can use this technique all over the head.

Performing a Deep & Massage

1. Start with the person on their back : With a deep massage, you're going to apply more pressure, and it's easier for both of you if the person is lying down. They should be face up, and you should be facing towards them at the top of their head.

2. Massage the neck and the base of the head: Place your hands under the person's head to start. Stroke up the back of the neck until you reach the base of the head. Your fingertips should rest on the ridge at the back of the head for a moment. Rub in a circular motion starting at the base of the head. This movement is different from a basic massage, where you cupped your hand around the neck. Here, you're just using your fingertips to massage

3. Move up the head. As you move up the head: your circles can get bigger, and you can apply a bit more pressure, which makes it different from a basic massage. In a basic massage, your strokes are generally light. In a deep massage, use your thumbs in addition to your other fingers to create the movements, and don't forget to massage the crown. At the temples, move up into the hair for deep, slow circles

4. Try some hair tugging: Using your fingertips, gently stroke the person's head from back to front. As you come back, gather sections of hair, and gently tug outward. Continue tugging different sections as you move backwards.

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