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“Your nails aren’t going to change the world, but the woman who wears them will”

As nail art designs express their style statement in an inventive manner. This trend is picking up its craze from the time female celebrities have adorned them. The trend is also achieving its fame right among the models on the ramp to the school going girls and everybody loves to flaunt their nail art. Thanks to the affordability and accessibility of Nail Art Kit. It is agreeable that the former art is a blessing to the salon and the professional nail art industry.

"Nail art is a perfect way to express oneself”

This would simply mean that your nails or the nail art adorned are a definite way to speak your style without having to say a word. We have to admit with the lifestyle we live in; a little pampering comes a long way and a nail art would just be the perfect way to execute the over-indulgence in galore. Nail art has flamboyantly expressed sophistication and confidence in so many ways and a well manicured hand accompanied with a nail art design would be a fatal combination to enhance.

Popular Nail & Art

The Siwss salon provide the best Popular Nail Art

Color Splash & Nail Art

This is by far my favorite nail art design. You are using your nails as a blank canvas and splashing some colors around for that cool effect. Isn’t it just so artsy?

What You Will Need
1. White nail polish
2. An angled nail art brush
3. Blue nail polish
4. Purple nail polish
5. Pink nail polish

Step By Step Tutorial
1. Apply two coats of white nail polish for a good base.
2. Once it dries, dip the brush in blue nail polish and using your thumb, splash the color over to your nails.
3. Follow this process for each color until you achieve the look that you want.
4. 1. Apply a top coat to set.
5. Your nails are your very own modern art masterpiece now!

Color Splash Nail Art

Colorful Clouds & Nail Art

Colorful Clouds Nail Art

There’s nothing to not love about this design. It’s colorful, it’s easy, it’s bright, and it’s so damn adorable. We’re playing with just the ring fingernail, and the others are left with a minimal aqua green-blue coat of nail polish. This design is perfect for the spring and summer.

What You Will Need

1. An aqua green-blue nail polish
2. Pink nail polish
3. Light blue nail polish
4. A brush

Step By Step Tutorial

1. Paint all your nails with the green-blue nail polish except for your ring fingernail.
2. Use pink nail polish for your ring fingernail.
3. Use a brush to create the clouds. Start with light blue nail polish and make the vertical lines as shown in the picture.
4. Once it dries, use the green-blue nail polish to create more clouds on top of the light blue surface.
5. Apply a coat of clear polish on top

Lastic Wrap & Nail Art

This rare combination of light blue and gold is fabulous. You can wear this look either casually or for a fancy event to go with your gold outfit, perhaps? We’re using plastic wrap to get that unique texture on the nail.

What You Will Need

1. Light blue nail polish
2. Gold nail polish
3. Plastic wrap
3. Clear polish

Step By Step Tutorial

1. Apply two coats of gold nail polish for your base.
2. Once it dries, apply a coat of blue nail polish over the gold.
3. While it is still wet, dab crumpled plastic wrap over your nail.
4. You will see the gold nail polish seeping through the blue; finish with a top coat!

lastic Wrap Nail Art
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