Sangeet Ceremony takes place the eve before the wedding day and is a night filled with music, laughter, dance, food and fun. Both the families of the bride and the groom gets together along with relatives and guests and have the time of their lives.

Hosting a Sangeet ceremony can be fun and the feeling of almost passing out by dancing and laughing a lot is ecstatic. The entire ceremony is enveloped with energy and enthusiastic music, dance and singing.

A Sangeet ceremony can be a great way to vent out some stress that builds up before the wedding because after a Sangeet ceremony it is scientifically impossible to stay stressed or sad.

But the same cannot be said for planning the Sangeet ceremony. A person can become stressed just by trying to plan the perfect Sangeet Ceremony. Since the Sangeet Ceremony is very important to let of some stress, it is necessary to hold the perfect ceremony. And if you want to host the best Sangeet Ceremony but do not know where to start.

can help you plan your Sangeet Ceremony while all you have to do is sit back and enjoy everything. The entire season of wedding should be enjoyed and should not be wasted by worrying for trivial things.

Popular & Sangeeth

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Break the & Rules

Sangeet ceremony ideas have typically involved Bollywood dance moves, the battle of the sexes, or battle of the bride and groom families, and some flirting. But here you will have more. Be it your wedding or that of your best friend or favourite cousin. Use these sangeet ideas to break the rules and break a leg, don’t literally though.

12 Most Innovative Sangeet Ceremony Ideas for the Most Fun Night Cheering

1. Cheering
2. Flash mob
3. Easy Dance Steps
4. Change of Clothes
5. Qawaali
6. Video Shoots
7. Dance Dumb Charades
8. Late Night Snacks
9. Shots
10. Competition
11. Paper Dancing
12. Antakshri

Break Rules

Most Sangeet & Ceremony Ideas

Most Sangeet Ceremony Ideas

Change of Clothes: If there can be a change of shoes, why not a change of clothes? It is difficult to dance in the embroidered lehengas and sherwanis. So, arrange for closets, in which guests can keep their costumes in. Let it be a true dance battle! Not everybody has to change out of their fancy clothes though, only the ones who will change into fancier ones fit for a real dance!

Qawaali: Bring in some classic culture without compromising on the fun. Qawwali is the best way to go. Use songs from Bollywood or anywhere. Keep a well-sorted track list so that you don’t even have to hire a DJ to play the mixes and individual tracks. Qawwali will set the mood for some serious dancing and even be singing. It will give a class to the sangeet ceremony

Video Shoots: Don’t forget to get a photographer dedicated to capturing every moment of the sangeet function. These dance moves, be it the rookie ones or the extreme dance battles, are never going to be recreated. Capture the colours, the twirls, the smiles, and of course, the falls, to keep forever. To get a good view of the entire banquet hall settings with all that energy in one frame, make sure the CCTV cameras in the banquet hall are of good quality and request a copy.

The Most & Important Thing

Lastly, don’t forget to include yourself. Make sure the bride and groom and their immediate families are having fun. All these sangeet ideas are fun but simple and convenient to pull off. There is nothing to worry. The hall decoration and the food are taken care of, everything will be fine. This one night everybody should get to enjoy together. A good wedding planner or sangeet planner will make sure things go smoothly for you. They will take care of the food, the music, the equipment, and everything you have planned for. All you need to do is put your best foot forward. You have done everything from your side, now you deserve to enjoy.

Add your own sangeet ideas to these and have a fun night. These fun sangeet ceremony ideas don’t cost much. It is all about the ideas and execution. This list didn’t even include a DJ because that has become pretty common and is so expensive. But if you still want a DJ, you could never go wrong with it. It is your day. Do just what you want. Dance the night away!

The Most Important Thing
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