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There are so many opinions expressed by people concerning hair trimming. While some hair advocates are against hair trimming, others swear by it. What exactly is hair trimming and should you do it?

What is Hair Trimming?

Hair trimming is a process of cutting split ends from your hair at least every 12 weeks. Split ends are damaged part of the hair which are caused by a number of factors. The process of trimming the hair is usually recommended for all and sundry including the naturalistas. Hair trimming will not increase the pace at which your hair grows; it will however retain length, prevent stunted growth and promote a healthy hair. It is part of hair care and should be added into any hair routine. Different methods used in trimming hair includes the dusting method and the braid & twist method.

Dusting method of hair trimming involves partitioning hair into segments, holding each segments under bright light and cutting off parts which are see through. The see through parts are usually minimal. The braid & twist method involves braiding or twisting tiny sections of the hair and trimming the ends.

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Why Should You Trim & Your Hair?

No matter the kind of hair you have, be it relaxed, texlaxed, or natural, there are proven benefits of trimming your hair regularly.

1. Trimming your split ends and knots exposes healthier ends of your hair.
2. With regular hair trimming, there is a noticeable reduction in hair breakage.
3. Trimming prevents split ends from traveling up to the hair shaft and reducing hair
5. Trimming promotes hair growth.
6. It is easier to style your hair after trimming as the length will be even.
7. Your hair has a fuller look.

Why Should You Trim Your Hair

How Often Should You Trim & Your Hair?


There is so many controversies on how often a trim is required. There are certain people who say the ideal time to get a trim is every 12 weeks, others say it should only be done once in a year. When is the right time to get a trim?

For those with natural hair, a trim done every 16 weeks promotes growth of stronger hair follicles.Those with straight or relaxed hair should trim at least once in 3 months. It is important to care for your hair in between trims by sealing your hair with oils. During winter when split ends occur frequently, you may have to trim your hair before your next scheduled trim day.

How to Tell Your Hair & Needs a Trim

Although the time frame for hair trimming is 8-12 weeks, there are signs our hair gives when it is time for a trim. Rather than follow an estimated time, it is better to observe your hair closely in order to know when you should trim.

Knots: If you are a naturalista then you probably know how frustrating it is to detangle knots on your hair. Depending on where the knots are, you will be better off trimming them than attempting to detangle them. Knots that are close to the hair shaft can be detangled using hair stretcher, hair oils and good conditioners. On the other hand, the knots located at the ends of the hair should be trimmed off as soon as possible.

Tangling: It is time for a trim when the hair at the ends are always tapered and tangled. Excessive hair tangling causes damage to your hair and impais your achieving your desired length result. Save yourself the energy and trim off tangled part at the ends.

Split Ends: Split ends can affect the way your hair grows. The only proven way to get rid of split ends is by trimming off the affected parts. Although there are hair care products out there that provide some sort of solution to split ends, these products are only temporary solution providers. Split ends are not part of your hair length.

How to Tell Your Hair Needs a Trim
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